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A complete, contemporary campaign.


As marketers, it's our job to cut through false stereotypes using relatable, targeted campaigns. In agriculture, one such stereotype is of a middle-aged, male-dominated industry. And yet, the representation of young women vs. young men within agricultural graduates is now fairly even, with evermore smart, experienced and progressive women asserting themselves in the industry. This is what FarmIQ were out to prove.

Placing an emphasis on modern technology, Farm IQ is a respected farm management software developer keen to overcome that perennial software engagement problem - ease of use. Cue Libby, their Dairying Business Development Manager, who also just so happens to be a young, talented woman running a farm with her partner. In other words, the perfect fit to show users via live webinars how they can best benefit from the software. And, more to the point, the face of an integrated web coaching campaign, designed to drive people to register and to watch.

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