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A NIWA serious climate change game to engage and educate


The My Coastal Futures game was developed to help people understand climate change impacts and start thinking about how they might adapt. It provides players with the experience of making decisions about their coastal property as the sea level rises.

The game is targeted at players 10 years and above. It is intended to be used in schools as an education tool to create engagement and activate students imagination and think of different futures. The game will also be used by the public at events relating to climate change and in places like art galleries.

The game needed a look that would appeal to a cross section of NZ society and we needed to create a user experience that is friendly, fun, interactive and engaging.

Experience the game here:

The Solution

The Hum creative, design and UX team created a look that is uniquely 'kiwiana' and recognises our deep affection for our foreshore treasures.

The design illustrations and style creates a memorable, emotional connection to the game and its overall objectives. It enhances users’ awareness of what is at stake and what could be lost through sea level changes. Working with our technical partner, Geo AR Games, we developed a user-friendly interface.

We also introduced a ‘facilitator’, our black-backed gull, Pita, to guide the user through the game fundamentals.The ‘facilitator’ is an opportunity to enhance the overall objectives by developing a character that becomes a‘spokesperson’ for the game. This then provides a platform for marketing or collateral ‘outside’ of the game itself to promote awareness around the game.

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