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Garage workshop to global exporter.


A family owned, iconic New Zealand business shows impressive organic growth and acquires other iconic NZ brands that risk weakening the parent brand.

Te Pari is truly a classic New Zealand rural garage workshop to global exporter story and we are proud to have shared and contributed to almost every stage of their journey. Faced with an ageing brand and a complex brand hierarchy battle with acquired brands, we embarked on an exercise to bring all the brands in line with the parent brand. The depth and breadth of this project encompassed a complete overhaul from logo revision, model convention across all ranges and models, to product design detail.

In a ‘tip of the hat’ to one of the world’s greatest brands Apple, we applied a simple product suite approach that is recognisable as distinctly Te Pari, making Te Pari one of the most successful brands in New Zealand agriculture today. Through our understanding of the Australian market we’ve helped them to grow their footprint there - as well as other markets globally including the US.

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