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Hot Mustard


Real creative.
Real easy.

We'll do the thinking for you.

Everything is the same without an idea!

The fundamental principle of marketing is for your message to be seen, heard, loved and remembered. Campaigns, video content, social media, trade show exhibits and even your reception area - what differentiates your brand, inspires, engages, entertains, thrills and encourages participation more than anything else? The idea!

What exactly is creative?

Essentially creative is the ‘idea.’ The ‘idea’ is how we express your message visually through images and words. It’s how we are planning to position your business or product and how we will use the idea to connect with your audience. We separate creative from design to present the idea in its purest form and we do this with a simple and cost effective process called scamping. 


Meet your Creative Director, Jay Houghton

"The idea is the most powerful of all tools."

'I've had an idea!' The famous words that have been the beginning or end of many great things depending on how you look at it. Jay has had a few, and it goes without saying that his first idea to make a career pursuing ideas for others was probably his greatest. Behind every great idea there should be logic though. In this day and age, logic would suggest the idea should perform two functions: getting attention, recall and eliciting a response. That's three - but hey, who's counting?


We offer  real  help with...


Unique identity, messaging and visuals that differentiate you from your competition and capture your audience's attention.


Crafted, consistent and thought-provoking, we create campaigns that prompt action and deliver to your marketing objectives.


Our in-house design and production team translates creative concepts into supremely polished assets, catering for digital or printed output.

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Need new, original ideas that engage your customers & deliver results?

Get in touch with us, we have plenty of bright ideas.

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