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Going the extra mile to create media strategies that truly resonate and drive success for your business

Media in-house makes us efficient and accountable.

By having our media in-house, we're able to be quick on our feet, work efficiently, and be completely accountable. Our senior team actively keeps abreast of the ever-evolving media industry, ensuring we're knowledgeable about the latest technologies, platforms, and strategies.

No one understands rural media like we do. 

Hot Mustard Marketing Comany

We recognise that rural media requires a different approach to urban media. Our team has extensive experience in developing customised strategies that resonate with rural audiences and effectively reach them where they are. But we don't just rely on intuition; we back our strategies with data and analytics. By measuring results and analysing the effectiveness of our campaigns in rural areas, we continuously refine our approach to ensure maximum impact.

Meet your media team. Our media experts are an extension of your own team.

Hot Mustard -Nickie Miles_edited.jpg

Nickie Miles

"The media landscape is constantly changing, so we always stay one step ahead."

Nickie has strategic oversight and input across all of our media clients, which translates into a depth of understanding of existing and emerging media channels. Being involved in daily and seasonal campaign planning has given her the ability to be agile in her approach.

Hot Mustard - Hayley Haysom

Hayley Haysom

"It's all about relationships, and understanding our clients' goals."

Hayley’s experience in media planning and buying in the ag sector - and attention to detail - is legendary. Her knowledge of the sector and daily interaction with the media industry role players means she remains at the forefront of industry updates and changes; and consequently, so do our clients.


We offer  real  help with...

Media Strategy

Our senior team will personally plan your media, taking your unique business goals into consideration. Results matter to us.

Tactical Planning

We don’t just create media plans, we help you integrate your wider marketing activity to ensure all the activity works together to amplify your message.

Regional Targeting

We understand the regions and what it takes to reach them, so if you have a product or service that is specific to different parts of NZ we can help.

Reaching Australia

Our expertise spans across the ditch in social media, digital marketing, and traditional media. We can tailor our strategies to effectively reach and engage an Australian audience.

Events & Conversions

By helping you track events and conversions using Google tools, we gain insights into user behavior, understand what is working, and make informed decisions to improve both the media and creative approach.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our senior team will actively monitor how your media is performing, ensuring we're on top of things and ready to make optimisation adjustments if needed.

We also provide thorough reporting every month, so you know we're accountable.

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